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Torsion Fatigue Test Stand of Braking System(Light)

Torsion Fatigue Test Stand of Braking System(Light)

The main technical parameters:
Drive motor: power 361kW, constant speed 540r/min
Model quantity: 50~800kg.m2
Force (liquid): 0~20Mpa, available
Torque range: 0~5000Nm
Pedal maximum force: 1000N
Cold and exhaust speed: 0~20m/s, available.
Models: 0~1t
Straight drum: 48 inches (1219.2mm)
Pilot projects:
Brake performance test (single wheel)
Brake thermal decay recovery test (single wheel)
Brake lining/pad wear test (single wheel)
Brake noise measurement (single wheel)
ABS performance test (different adhesion coefficient pavement braking test)
Vehicle braking performance (no-load, full load test, response time, etc.)
Braking force distribution curves for front and rear brakes
Pedal force - brake hydraulic pressure - brake torque curve
Pedal Displacement - Brake Hydraulic Pressure - Brake Torque Curve
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