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1. AC motor test power supply
2, power battery simulation power
3, loading dynamometer bench
(1) Uses and features:
Dedicated custom dynamometer motor, good performance, simple maintenance, long life
High-speed dynamic dynamometer motors meet various high-speed test requirements
Common DC bus design, feedback energy internal cycle
Configuring high-precision, high-response torque and speed sensors to ensure the dynamic and accuracy of closed-loop torque and speed control
(2) dynamometer motor and driver parameters and description:
4, power analyzer system
Optional high quality brand sensor and analyzer, high precision, wide bandwidth, accurate and stable data measurement
Can measure 3 phase voltage, 3 phase current, frequency, DC voltage and current, power, power factor, efficiency, etc., with harmonic analysis, save waveform data and other functions
Interface: Ethernet
5, coolant temperature control device
Local or remote communication control
Flow, temperature can be automatically controlled or manually controlled to switch.
Large flow regulation range and high control accuracy
Built-in cooling and heating device allows coolant temperature to be adjusted over a wide range
6th, throttle actuator
High positioning accuracy and fast response
Linear force output
Large pull, good stability
Travel can be set arbitrarily
7, transmission servo shift and clutch actuator
Consists of two sets of linear drive mechanism, XY actuator and control system
Multi-position gear shifting and automatic transmission gear selection
Measure shift force and displacement
The output can be via a flexible shaft or via a guide bar
Has a separate controller that can be used alone
Has a separate data acquisition module that can collect signals such as pull pressure, displacement, and switching
Communication with external control system via Ethernet with self-learning function
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