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Heavy duty chassis dynamometer

Heavy duty chassis dynamometer

Mainly used for vehicle performance test, emission test and durability test. The vehicle drive wheel (single drive shaft or dual drive shaft) simulates road load driving on the drum of the equipment.
Chassis dynamometer technical parameters:
Simulated inertia range: 3.5T~49T
Drum Diameter: 1828.8(72”)±0.38
Allowed axle weight: 30T
Drum surface: Carbide spraying
Standard operating speed range: 0~160km/h
Rated driving force (continuous):
Rear wheel drive: single or dual drive shafts
Test use
GB/T12545 Automotive Fuel Consumption Test
GB/T 12544 maximum speed test
GB/T 12543 accelerated performance test
GB/T 12547 Minimum Stable Speed Test
GB/T 12536 taxi test
GB/T 12539 simulated climbing test
Car drive wheel output power test
Whole vehicle drum thermal balance test
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