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Static Rollover (3D gravity) Test Stand

Static Rollover (3D gravity) Test Stand

It is mainly used for vehicle vehicle weighing test, vehicle rollover test and measurement of the vehicle's three-dimensional center of gravity. The test stand measures the wheel load and total weight of the car through four independent floating plates. It is turned over by the hydraulic cylinder lifting test bed to make the vehicle roll over a certain angle, test the rollover stability of the whole car, and pass the mass reaction method. Measure the three-dimensional coordinates of the center of mass of the vehicle.
Technical Parameters:
Vehicle Weighing : 0~5T/10T/20T/40T/80T
Rollover angle : 0~50°
Table length : 5m/6m/8m/10m/12m/16m/20m Maximum vehicle width : 2.5m/3.2m
Pilot projects:
Maximum roll stability angle test for motor vehicles
Motor Wheel Quality, Axle Quality, Total Mass, and Shaft Load Rate Testing
Vehicle centroid position (three-dimensional coordinates) test
Determination of the normal load of the wheel on the support plane of a wheeled vehicle in an inclined state
Expansion Test Study on Suspension Stiffness and Directional Force Related to Dip Angle
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