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Body Strength Test Stand of Car

Body Strength Test Stand of Car

It is mainly used for the top and side door strength tests with design quality ≤ 4536kg.
Pilot projects:
Electro-hydraulic servo closed-loop loading, precise control
The test bench adopts double-inclined column structure type, with stable structure and close to good
Loading height, pitch angle and swing angle are continuously adjustable, and the standard application scope is wider.
Automatic adjustment of height, pitch angle and swing angle, automatic unlocking and locking, high degree of automation, and solving the problem of automatic locking at high altitude
Optional three-axis force measuring platform with good rigidity
Technical Parameters:
Maximum loading force: maximum 250KN can be customized
Maximum load displacement: 650mm
Pitch angle α: 0° to 90°
Swing angle β: -20° to 20°
Loading rate: ≤13mm/s
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