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Transmission System Test Stand

Transmission System Test Stand

It is mainly used for durability test and transmission efficiency test of all kinds of different track lengths of automobile mid-bridge, rear axle and gearbox; it is driven and loaded by AC variable-frequency motor; it has energy feedback function, and the electric energy generated by the loaded motor can be provided through the frequency conversion control system. For the use of the drive motor, the energy-saving effect can reach more than 70%; each motor can work in the speed mode and torque mode, switching between different control modes freely, the response time is less than 100ms.
Pilot projects:
Transmission system gear fatigue test
Transmission system transmission efficiency test
Differential assembly fatigue test
Differential impact rigidity, temperature rise test, etc.
Technical Parameters:
The maximum driving power: 150kw ~ 900kw
Two/four loading heads
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